7 Days to Email + Social Savvy

Learn how to schedule your social + email marketing for the entire month.

If you're still hopping on social media every day to post something, you're wasting precious time.

(And if you're waiting until the last minute to create your email newsletter, this course is for YOU.)

In this 7 day mini-course, you'll learn how to use FREE online tools to help you manage Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest AND your newsletter for the entire month--in one sitting.

This course is perfect for home professionals who want to manage their own social media or are considering getting a Socialite | Subscribe membership. This course is also a good fit for employees or interns who will be handling social media on behalf of their employer.

Browse the course modules below to discover how you'll benefit:

Your On-Call Marketer

Kate Greunke
Kate Greunke
Kate Greunke is a published author who has appeared on radio, print, and podcast networks. She is the founder of Socialite LLC, a marketing firm that specializes in helping home professionals exceed their new client goals while maintaining a small marketing budget. She created Socialite | Subscribe as the all-in-one solution to home pro's marketing woes.

After two years of listening to her clients say how difficult it was to send their email newsletter on a timely, professional basis, she decided to create a solution.

She'd been designing custom newsletters for quite some time, but not everyone wanted to spend $$ on a custom package. She needed to make something affordable and easy to use, something that could be customized in minutes and sent in just a few clicks. A short time later, Socialite | Subscribe was born.

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